Are You Interruptible?

Nov 25, 2023    Jack Fairweather

In Matthew 9 starting in vs. 18, we see 4 people miraculously healed by Jesus. Jesus was in the middle of teaching his disciples but allowed himself to be interrupted to raise a young girl from the dead. The spirit of God is always testifying through what he does that Jesus is the Messiah.

When we are too focused on the task at hand, we can miss the people that God places in our path. By learning to hear God's voice, we are able to minister to people in word and in deed. We are here to rule and reign with God on the earth, but many Christians don't believe in God's power to heal and bring salvation today. Jesus is the same Jesus now that he was during his ministry on earth, and by the power of his Spirit in us we will see lives changed! Are you interruptible?